Pompous man·i·fes·to



What inspires you? When you’ve lived the majority of your adult life and you look back, what was the core style inspiration that has inspired your style throughout your adult life? 

I can tell you mine. It comes with a back story to help paint a picture. As a daughter of Southern European immigrants - my mother grew up on a lush steep countryside in Southern Europe impoverished. Her family farmed the rugged landscape to feed their family of 10 and embroidered linens to sell to tourists. Each embroidered piece would get them an equivalent to 1-4 dollars and would take days to complete. Butter, olives and meat were luxuries only reserved for Christmas. And yet they made the best of everything given to them.

They made their own clothes and tried to emulate the high society outfits worn by wealthy aristocrats they'd would see in the city. They never left their home without crisply ironed attire, polished shoes, perfectly coiffed hair and jewelry. They wore their Sunday best always. 

Growing up newly immigrated to Canada, I also grew up poor. We lived in a mold infested home beyond repair for my parents means and I was constantly ill. But regardless of the state our lives were in, my mother always made sure we left the house with perfectly coiffed hair, ironed clothes, polished shoes and jewelry. She would whisper every now and then “No one needs to know we’re poor”. Looking our best really did help us feel our best.

Those exact lessons from my mother and the women in my family is what fuels this store. Glamorous jewelry isn’t just for the rich. High end looking jewelry should be affordable for everyone. We all want to look our best. When we look our best we feel our best.

Looking expensive shouldn't have to be expensive.


~ The Pompous Peacock